10 Miracles of Magic Salt in Gardening

In Today’s episode, we will look into some amazing miracles of organic Epsom salt in gardening to increase flowering and flower size in rose plant. We will learn, why you should use Epsom salt for your plants and how to use Epsom salt as a liquid form and also in your potting mix.

Epsom salt is an easily available inexpensive naturally occurring mineral salt that has a variety of applications. It is used in medical science, agriculture, gardening and even for many home remedies for health and beauty.
Epsom salt is chemically Magnesium Sulphate and obviously contain the element Magnesium.
Did you know Magnesium is the central atom in between four nitrogen atoms in the chlorophyll molecule. For beginners, Chlorophyll is the pigment present in leaves which is essential for photosynthesis – that’s plant food production. Its so much important and that’s the reason why Magnesium is rightly called as the MAJOR MINOR ELEMENT.
For beginners, the Major elements required for plant growth are the NPK – nitrogen, phosphorous and Potassium and Minor elements like Magnesium, calcium, boron, zinc, iron and others.

Now let s list out the best uses of Epsom salt in gardening and farming and how to and how much Epsom salt to use for each gardening task. Please watch this useful gardening video till the end.

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